My New Chapter

For me, one of the most beautiful analogies of life is that of a book. The thought that each and every one of us has this beautiful collection of memories, characters and stories bound in leather that is still in the process of being written has such alluring imagery to it.

In this book, every new experience marks the beginning of a new chapter. For me, this is the beginning of my new chapter.

In anticipation of my five-month exchange to Stockholm, Sweden, I wished to start (yet another) blog to share my observations and the lessons I have learned. And you will find that here.

However, there is more to this chapter.

For the past several weeks, I had the opportunity for reflection. I had the opportunity to identify my passions in life. I had the opportunity to reminisce on what makes me happy – what I thoroughly enjoy. And through this time of reflection, I identified what exactly is my purpose.

My purpose is to stand against that which is wrong. My purpose is to stand with those who fight for what is right. My purpose is to voice my opinion – My Unsolicited Opinion.

Politics has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I have followed elections, leadership conventions, debates, the rise and fall of controversial issues and the rise and fall of leaders with the greatest interest. Every path I have chosen in life has led me back to this passion. So today, I am beginning a new chapter with that passion.

An Unsolicited Opinion will also be my platform to express my opinions on issues that matter to us. From student concerns to LGBTQ+ issues to the underrepresentation of young adults and youth in Nova Scotian and Canadian politics to self-acceptance and self-love. An Unsolicited Opinion will be a place where I can share my thoughts and a community to hear the opinions of others on current events that impact our lives.

In addition, An Unsolicited Opinion will be a place where I share the lessons I have learned through the experiences that lie ahead in this chapter. From my exchange to Sweden to professional and personal development to academics – these all contribute to the classroom of life.

I look forward to the chapter ahead. I look forward to the experiences to come and the lessons to be learned. I look forward to the return of treasured characters and the introduction of new. And above all, I look forward to sharing what this chapter has in store.