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I have never been one to keep my opinions to myself. Whether it’s student concerns, the underrepresentation of youth adults’ interests in Nova Scotian and Canadian politics, LGBTQ+ acceptance and self-love, or approaching challenges with positivity, optimism and respect. This blog offers my Unsolicited Opinion on events that impact our lives.

Additionally, I’ll be sharing lessons I continue to learn from life experiences – such as an exchange to Stockholm, Sweden; personal and professional development; and my journey to find my purpose in the world.

The Blogger


Ryan is a public relations student at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. With passions in advocacy, politics and governance, co-operation, leadership and consistent lifelong learning – he is actively involved within the Mount community with the Students’ Union, Residence Life and Department of Public Relations and Communications and within the Halifax community with the Dartmouth Learning Network and #LoveIsLove Equality Association.

Ryan is currently on a six-month exchange to Södertörn University in Stockholm, Sweden. He will be writing about his experiences in Europe here, as well as on Study in Stockholm.

Ryan is on TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.